A few words about the site …

What about?

You’re on my site, I’m a developer, my name is Ilya.

Here I share technical knowledge. Basically, they relate to the creation and maintenance of sites and everything related to this.

Every day I encounter numerous errors and technical problems. I would like to keep these decisions so that when I recur, do not waste my time searching for them. And if it will be useful to someone else then this is wonderful.


All the instructions on the site are used at your own risk. Here is only personal experience, which may contain errors in judgment. I write many instructions in the learning process, so as not to forget myself. All instructions and tips are not a guide to action, but the opportunity to look at alternative options and decide for yourself which method is better.

Information technology is developing rapidly. A significant part of the information becomes irrelevant over time: the software, the location of directories, the name of functions, and much more change. In this regard, some articles may also be out of date.